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We came together 2 years ago from around the globe to fuel our passions for the sport we all love. We see a lack of an open forum to express views on cricket in the U.S., and we encourage you to become part of the TMC team, as a reader, contributor, or supporter.

Promoting passion for cricket with opinions from around the globe. ThirdManCricket, your home base for cricket in the U.S.


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Nikhil Puri – Founder, CEO and Editor
Nikhil Puri - Founder, CEO and EditorWho am I? Well quite simply obsessed with cricket! That’s right, from the moment I started following the sport nothing else mattered, seriously! My all time favorite moment was April 2nd, 2011, at 10:47pm IST, when MS Dhoni played a stroke that was the defining moment for people of my generation, lofting Nuwan Kulasekera over long on to win India the World Cup after 28 long years. All through my childhood, spent in India and New Zealand, and then in the U.S. and the U.K., I longed for such a moment. Along the way, I’ve played a shitload of cricket too, to a pretty decent standard back in NZ and now ply my trade for the Maddogs of New York!This quote from Steve Waugh, in his autobiography “Out of My Comfort Zone” sums me up:“I was born with cricket in my blood and I’ll die that way. I’m sure of that, because even today, each time I drive past an oval and notice a game in progress, I’ll slow down to make certain I see the bowler deliver the ball with enthusiastic anticipation to a batsman who has equally ambitious aspirations, as the fielders hover with intent. There’s nothing like it, the excitement of the unknown. Once it seduces you, you’re hooked for life.”


Nigel Armitage – Editor and Eng Correspondent
Nigel Armitage - Editor and Eng CorrespondentMy name is Nigel Armitage. I am 48 years old and still playing this stupid game we call cricket. And I love it! As the years go by, I have realised my playing ability is not quite as it was and maybe writing is the way to go. It is certainly less strenuous than playing, although my friends would beg to differ having seen me play.I was born and raised in a town called Southend-on-Sea which is in the County of Essex, some 40 miles South-East of London. The town is a London day-trippers’ paradise and is located on the Northern mouth of the Thames as it goes out into the estuary. Living there I became a Southend Utd fan but more importantly an Essex cricket fan in the days of when Graham Gooch was in his pomp. He instantly became my hero! I wept when he got a pair in his first Test match against Australia but that was against the greatest fast bowling duo of the generation, Lillee and Thompson. Apparently, the ball that got him in the second innings was considered so good that it was predicted that Gooch would become an all time great because he was good enough to get a nick on it. And so he did and so my love for the game grew.I started playing a little late (aged 19) but got to be a handy club cricketer. Playing for Eastwood Cricket Club from 1984-2001, I managed over 9,500 runs, which is apparently the 4th highest in the club’s history. I was only informed of this a year or two ago and now I have a slight tinge of regret that I moved away and had to play elsewhere. Kinda figure I would be No. 1 now! I even captained the 1st XI for 6 years with moderate success. In 2002, having moved up to Norwich I played for a club called Old Buckenham who play at one of the most beautiful grounds in Norfolk and then in 2010, I got a job in New York and managed to be lucky enough to find the Mad Dogs and still ply an occasional trade.

In between that, I have the good fortune of playing at some wonderful grounds with my company, Marsh and indeed Lloyd’s Cricket Club (that’s the insurance house not the bank), including a six-a-side thing at The Oval, charity games at the Wormsley Estate and annual all-day affairs for Lloyd’s at Reeds School (which is for the OVER-privileged kids).

Runs are a little harder to come by now here in the US, maybe due to the matting wickets, maybe due to long grass……maybe due to me being in my more mature years! Who knows!

What I do know is that I love the game and can wax lyrical about it with the best of them, so if you choose to share my words, I hope you will find that I know a little bit about what I am talking about.


Ravi Pillai – Business Development
Ravi comes on board to help TMC become the premier destination for Ex-pat cricketers and sports fans; a place where they can be informed of all cricketing and sporting activity in cities and countries outside of their homeland. Ravi’s expertise in audience development and monetization will be instrumental in helping TMC grow its user base and bring in new and incremental revenue. Ravi currently serves as Vice President, Publisher Solutions at Visible Measures ( and has been focused on providing greater analytics insight and increased monetization from online video for top media publishers including Conde Nast Digital, MSN, Dailymotion, Hearst, Forbes, etc.  Prior to this Ravi has been in senior Business Development roles at multiple high profile, technology startups including Adkeeper (started by Scott Kurnit, founder of and Image Space Media (acquired by Vibrant Media in 2012), where he headed all publisher development functions, working closely with Fox, New York Daily News, IDG, Business Insider, Financial Times, etc. . He is an avid cricketer, lifelong Sachin Tendulkar fan and a certified Mad Dog ( He has completed his Bachelors in Commerce from the University of Bombay and graduated from Grand Valley State University, MI with an MBA in International Marketing.


Ian Chin – Marketing
Ian Chin is currently an Associate Director at MEC global. He has over 7 years’ experience in the Marketing/Media/Advertising industry and has been involved or worked with Fortune 500 companies such as: Pfizer, The Home Depot, Campbell’s, KFC and Macy’s to name a few. His expertise is in consumer research, insights & analytics while also having a complex understanding of the Digital eco-system. I am an all-rounder: Wicket-Keeper/Batsman/Bowler. I have been playing cricket competitively since 2006 in the SCL/WSL/CCL (NY). I have been a DOG all my life but only joined the club in 2012. Hailing from Guyana, I am a huge West Indies fan and hope the calypso kings return to their rightful status as the best in the world soon!


Damian – NZ Correspondent
Damian - NZ CorrespondentI’ve been plying my trade as a reporter in New Zealand for the last couple of years, having studied journalism at Massey University in Wellington.This has always taken a back seat to cricket though.From a playing perspective, I turned out for many an age-group rep side as a youngster and played for my school’s First XI for three years.

Reporting wise, I was a media liaison at the 2010 Under-19 Cricket World Cup in New Zealand, and was sports reporter at The Blenheim Sun newspaper the same year, where I wrote my own sports column.


John Woodbridge – Aus Correspondent
John Woodbridge - Aus CorrespondentBorn and bred in country NSW, I’ve played cricket since I could walk. Starting out with older cousins pelting balls at my head in the backyard and up to representative cricket for the Riverina region. More recently I’ve played with the Mad Dogs in NYC.I love listening to cricket while driving the long distances of Oz, preferring to drive seven hours instead of flying for one, as long as there is cricket to listen to. I don’t mind watching it in a bar with a brew or two either…For me cricket is all about the banter, whether on the field or off it.


Jeff Snowden – Head of Coaching Content
Jeff Snowden - Head of Coaching ContentMy name is Jeff Snowden (Snowy) and I have been playing/following cricket from a very early age. I remember walking off in boredom as my brother tried to teach me the fundamentals of a forward defensive shot as early as 6 years old.I played most of my club cricket for my home town of Dartford (One of the oldest recorded club sides in England and the world, having been formed in 1727) and most of my junior cricket for them and Kent as a batsman. Eventually at 18 I was given the opportunity to keep wicket and have been a keeper/opening batsman ever since. The most memorable part of my cricketing career has to be my 2 years in New Zealand where I was fortunate enough to play Premier Cricket for Grafton United Cricket Club alongside the likes of Matt Horne, Lou Vincent and Andre Adams and against some equally talented internationals. The pinnacle of which was to score a century in the Auckland One Day Final win against North Shore in the 2003/2004 season and follow that up with one in the New Zealand Club Championships which is the comp for all of the Premier One Day champions from across the country. That season I also picked up the Auckland Club Cricket award for the most wicket keeping victims.It was in New Zealand when my love for the game extended beyond playing in to the realms of Coaching. Most of my non playing days were spent in the local schools coaching from the ages of 6 through to 18 and running the junior programme at Grafton. It was through this I developed a deeper understanding for the game of cricket and began to truly understand and not take for granted the amount of skill involved in playing the game.

Since a very young age my absolute favourite cricketer by a country mile has been Sir Isaac Vivian Alexander Richards – King Viv. I always have been and always will be in awe of the man. I saw him play his last ODI at Lords where he scored 37 including 4 4s and 1 6. It wasn’t the longest of innings but there were some highlights of the greatness of the man which I will never forget. I was only 3 at the time but have watched again and again highlights of the 1976 infamous series against England when Gregg promised to make the West Indies grovel and King Viv scored 829 runs in a 4 test series averaging 118. He started the series with 232 at Trent Bridge and finished with 291 at The Oval. I believe I am pretty open minded in my views on cricket and believe cricket is all about opinions, none of which are the absolute, but to me, there is just one absolute that I will never budge on (Nikhill, don’t even think about putting forward a Tendulkar case to me ;o) ), that King Viv is the greatest ever. Period!

I have to say that the West Indies of the 80s were my favourite teams of all time. There have been many great teams in my life time but very few (apart from the Aussies) have had the longevity of greatness the West Indies had since the mid Seventies through to the mid Eighties. Nobody would argue that watching Warne bowl and the likes of Gilchrist bat is fantastically entertaining, but the West Indies were something else. Greenidge & Haynes, followed by Richards at 3, 4 or 5, mixed in with Richardson, Lloyd, Gomes, Dujon and earlier Kallicharran and Rowe. Once they had scored the runs in true West Indian style, you then had to face Holding, Roberts, Garner, Marshall, Daniel, Patterson, Ambrose and Walsh. Just fantastic to watch.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts, views and opinions with everyone on TMC and hopefully will entertain some interesting debates. There’s never 1 way to do anything in cricket and it’s great to have such a forum for people to express all of those different views.


Hammad Rana – Pak Correspondent
Hammad Rana - Pak CorrespondentAkram making a batsmen dance on the crease. Waqar throwing in those inswinging toe crushing yorkers, Shoaib Akhter running in from 40 yards out, to bowl at more than 90mph, the crowd cheering him on. Inzamam dancing down the pitch like a ballerina to play the ball down the ground, Yousuf playing the ball to third man by simply opening the face of the bat, the always smiling Younis Khan stabilizing another Pakistani batting collapse, and last but not least, Boom Boom Afridi with his power hitting and Vitruvian Man pose after taking a wicket!! These are images that have defined my childhood.Starting from the early days of sneaking out of the house to avoid doing homework and instead playing galli cricket, to representing my school’s cricket team, to playing for a semi professional club in Karachi, Pakistan, and now playing for Fairfield Cricket Club in New York, I have lived and breathed cricket all my life.


Tarun Sandhu – U.S. Correspondent
Tarun Sandhu - U.S. CorrespondentBorn in Chandigarh, India; went to dental school in India and then moved to Southern California for my Masters at USC. Started playing cricket before I got my 1st permanent tooth.I play for the best Collegiate Cricket team in the US, the USC Trojans. Proud to be a member of such a historic and iconic cricket team. Served as President of the Trojan Cricket Club.Eat, sleep, dream, live cricket. Watched my 1st live cricket match when I was 6, failed a class because of cricket, got beat up with a cricket bat by folks for failing the class. Missed school to play cricket, broke up with friends over cricket, swore I would kill someone while playing cricket. Slept with a cricket bat in bed, slept with a cricket ball in bed, slept with a cricket ball and a girl in bed. Fought with a girl over cricket, found a new girl because of cricket, dumped them both because of cricket. Cried because of cried, laughed so hard till I cried because of cricket, made friends for life because of cricket.


Avinash & Vainetaya – IT Team
Avinash Mansukhani
Vainateya Gavai