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A tribute to The WALL

I am not a collector of cricket memorabilia.  I collected stamps when I was very young and had pretensions to be a numismatist at age 13.  It was a disappointing surprise therefore when my wife returned from a business trip to Italy having spent a few thousand on a cricket bat.  She patiently explained that it was a charity auction and since she was bidding against her evil boss… Of course, I was diplomatic and asked if it was signed.  Yes, she replied – just one signature, a guy named Dravid.  She got a kiss for that!

This rather loved extravaganza has now become my talisman when watching a game.  In tight situations (170-6 in a test match or 85-5 in an ODI) with Dravid playing and India chasing I will have the bat in hand whilst simultaneously praying to the sporting gods.  In such situations not Sachin, nor Ganguly, nor any of the other pantheon of players have the power to make me believe that maybe, just maybe….

We will see several encomia about Rahul from a thousand writers in the coming days.  It’s traditional, even in the snake pits of politics, to say nice things about fallen comrades (I mean retired, but in politics it is same thing).  However, I have a feeling that the words written and spoken about this man will be sincere and heartfelt.

What I can say is that from his debut in 1996 (in the same test as the young Ganguly) to his retirement today, I have never admired a sportsman with such childlike fervour.  He may have beaten or come close to surpassing every record in the book but it is the way he did it that leaves me with that feeling.  A feeling one can reach such incredible heights with humility, decency and integrity.

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2 Responses to "A tribute to The WALL"
  1. Nikhil Puri
    Reply Nikhil Puri March 11, 2012 17:08 pm

    I have yet to see that bat!

  2. Reply Zara February 27, 2016 14:13 pm

    Nice website