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Hindsight = 20/20? Match Poised

This is an article that was meant to be posted during the Boxing Day Test Match – How interesting is this in retrospect?

The MCG is a daunting place to start a test – It is the Lords of the Antipodes in terms of cricket history though with a capacity of 100,000 compares only to Eden Gardens in size. It is also a place where the Aussies like to end a match and start a series 1-0 up against the visiting side; a feat they have achieved 9 times out of 11 since 2000.

So, not a bad couple of days for India especially given that a few dodgy decisions, a couple of dropped catches and Siddle’s no ball wicket of Dravid could have carried on India’s first test record of abject capitulation.

The second day was a win for India – last 4 wickets falling for 40 or so runs and India ending on 214/3, with the fall of Sachin at the end marking a minor low point.  Viru was Viru – I had little respect for his style of cricket but as usual am in awe at the results.  He should have been out several times to pretty easy catches and when he was bowled it was due to his technique or lack of it – playing away from his body, feet planted in the ground and bat wafting.  Watching him and Dravid was like observing a mother a kid in a sweet shop (Viru being the kid, of course); and if what they say is true and we consume on average 7000 calories on Christmas Day, it is clear that Viru had also taken David’s share of turkey and pudding.

I have a few observations to make and that we should keep in mind as the rest of the series unfolds:

1)  Technology will be discussed as never before.  I stick to my thoughts that technology is entertainment for the viewer but should not be used to determine an event – unless the umpires specifically request help.  Interesting that in the 90th over when Siddle was bowled from a legal delivery and a clean catch, the umpires referred everything – was it a no ball, did the ball bounce etc? I think that showed their trauma from the previous day.  If you want umpires in cricket then allow that a few decisions may go astray; otherwise just have robots and computers do the work.

2)  James Pattinson excelled and is one to watch for the future.  Australia like South Africa and Pakistan have this ability to cultivate fast bowlers like weeds in an unkempt garden, whilst in India they are as rare as an orchid in a greenhouse.  Yadav impressed as did the luckless Ishant but it is still scary how much we rely on Zaheer – long may he play.

3)  The Australian batting line up looks fragile – they have a lot of rebuilding to do in the next few years.  The decision to bat first by Clarke was wrong though the reason I think is that he is frightened to face Ashwin and spin on Day 5.  Lyon is ordinary and looks like a child at a grown up party.

It will be interesting to see how the rest of the Indian batting line up fair – Gambhir was disappointing and looked out of sorts against Hilfenhaus.  If he cannot perform in the second innings it may be worth trying Rahane.  Very much want to see Virat score a century – I back him 100%.

Please stay up and watch this series – it will be worth it.

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One Response to "Hindsight = 20/20? Match Poised"
  1. Rajan Sahay
    Reply rajan February 6, 2012 10:00 am

    My days of prognostication are at an end – how wrong could I be!